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Announcements: February 2016 Chapter Meeting


February 2016 Chapter Meeting 


The NCMA Greater Johnstown Chapter will be hosting a NCMA Live webinar on Thursday, February 11th at CTC's Environmental Technology Facility. Pizza and beverages will be provided. Registration/lunch start at 11:30 am. The webinar will begin promptly at noon.

"Principles of Government Contract Interpretation"

All contract professionals should be well versed in the principles of contract interpretation, especially since disputes in this area are the most frequent source of contract litigation. This webinar will examine the two key preliminary considerations to interpretation: whether there is a contract in the first place, and if so, what it consists of; plus an explanation of the parol evidence rule. The process of contract interpretation will also be discussed, as well as the principles that apply to the words of the contract, the principles that apply to information from outside the contract (including the Plain Meaning Rule), preferences in interpretative results, and the resolution of ambiguous contracts with the tie-breaking doctrine of contra proferentem—and its federal exception, the “patent ambiguity exception” and its “duty to inquire.”


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